BugOut @ Work

Businesses and workplaces large and small play a vital role in the prevention of vector-borne diseases.

Each business on Virgin Gorda should have an action plan for reducing or eliminating Aedes Aegypti breeding grounds. This helps improve the safety of both employees and customers!

Businesses should follow BugOut’s three C’s too…

  1. Clean-up: Create a dedicated team comprised of ownership and employees to help find and reduce breeding sites on your property;  
  2. Communicate: Post information posters (click here) in and around your business property that highlight breeding sites and how to prevent bites;
  3. Cover-up: Talk about Aedes mosquitoes with your employees and customers – make sure everyone knows where they lay eggs and what they can do to prevent bites.

Take a look at our resources page here for helpful posters and information to use within your workplace or business.

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