Our Partners

BugOut is driven entirely by our community and our amazing partners – a large and diverse coalition of individuals, community leaders, nonprofits, foundations, companies, educators, government agencies, and many others – all of whom are committed to making BugOut a success. Scroll down to see the large range of partners that make BugOut possible.

Interested in supporting or collaborating with BugOut? Contact us here

Our Management Partner

We have partnered with another non-profit Green VI because we have a similar objective; it is our responsibility to keep our islands beautiful!  This partnership also strengthens BugOut’s community education and outreach as we share the same outcome; to tidy up our island and organize the waste streams in an environmentally responsible way.  Green VI will help to communicate our message that standing water and litter in our community provides opportunity for breeding sites. 

When we tidy the island we want to do the right thing with our waste.  We will be cleaning Virgin Gorda by recycling glass, plastics and cans and from the very start of the Bug Out program, we have received much support from our on island recyclers, Green and Clean VI (as part of Green VI).

BugOut and Green VI both share the expertise of Project Manager – Sally Ann Riley. Check out our team page for more information and find out more about Green VI on their website.


Our Technical Partners

BugOut partners with Unite BVI – a registered non-profit organization based in the BVI for the benefit of the BVI. We are very fortunate to benefit from the extensive knowledge and support of their Unite BVI team, who are active members of our Steering Committee. Their team help to strategize the distribution of resources within the program as well as providing leadership for BugOut’s PR and Communications. Learn more about Unite BVI on their website.

Our Community Partners